Rupture of Fujimorism: Popular Force party lost majority in Congress
2 febrero 2018

Popular Force (Fuerza Popular), led by Keiko Fujimori, is no longer the largest parliamentary group in Congress. Ten legislators, out of 71 members, abandoned the party after Keiko expelled her younger brother, Kenji Fujimori.

Keiko decided this after Kenji negotiated the pardon to his father in exchange for Fujimorist legislators’ support against the impeachment of President Kuczynski, who was suspected of being linked to the Odebrecht case.

In this context, the other nine legislators that voted against the impeachment of Kuczynski also left Popular Force. ‘We made this decision because party leaders have consistently ran over us’ expressed Kenji at a press conference, accompanied by his colleagues.

In addition, Kenji stressed that the group he leads ‘has been fighting for freedom of conscience, expression and against abuses.’ In this regard, he complained that Keiko allows no disagreement.

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