Costa Rica elects its next president and renews the 57 seats of the Assembly
Costa Rica
2 febrero 2018

Next Sunday February 4th, citizens will choose their next president, out of 13 candidates, and all members of Congress for the 2018-2022 term. It is likely that the presidential election will be defined in a ballotage, between the two most voted candidates, on April 1st..

Polls focus on the election of the president and his two vice presidents, leaving aside the Legislative Branch. However, the number of representatives that each party will gain depends to a large extent on the result of the presidential election. Parties that win in first round obtain bigger parliamentary majorities, rather than those which win in second round.
Some of the campaign’s central topics have been same-sex marriage, corruption and proposals to solve the fiscal crisis – which has been going on for some time in Costa Rica. Even though the scenario radically changed when the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR) gave its opinion on same-sex couples and generated a big public debate, final results remain undefined.

You can access a complete pre-electoral report here, which includes the following information: what offices are elected, who are the main actors involved, their position in the political spectrum, their government platforms, legislative projections and electoral keys for the voting in Costa Rica.

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