The debate of the bill that fixes retention in credit operations to finance the SOLCA begins
31 enero 2018

The Economic Regime Committee of the Assembly began this week the study of the initiative that establishes that the entities of the private financial sector will act as agents of retention of the contribution of 0.5% of the credit operations destined to the financing of the Society of Fight against Cancer of Ecuador (Sociedad de Lucha contra el Cáncer del Ecuador – SOLCA). In the following weeks, the Committee must issue a report recommending or not the approval of the bill.

In Ecuador, SOLCA financing already exists from income originated in the private sector. What this bill seeks is to make the process materialize. File Bill Nº 308184, introduced by the legislator Roberto Gómez Alcívar Alliance CREO-SUMA (opposition), indicates that the amount of money collected for this cause will be deposited weekly in an account by the withholding agents. This account will be opened in Banecuador BP, as requested by SOLCA. The resources of this contribution will be used to finance comprehensive cancer care and will be transferred without the need for justification or fulfillment of any prerequisite of any kind.