PER. Use of electronic means of payment is established for payments exceeding US$ 3700
12 enero 2018

On Thursday 11th Congress passed by unanimous vote Law No. 1785/2017, which modifies Law No 28,194 to fight tax evasion. The initiative of ruling party legislator Gino Francisco Costa Santolalla (Peruanos Por el Kambio) provides that operations concerning amounts exceeding three Tax Units Tax (approximately US $ 3760) can only be paid using the means of payment specifically established. The approved text will pass to the Executive Branch to enact it.

Operations achieved:

  •         Constitution or transfer of rights over real estate and vehicles;
  •         Acquisition, increase and reduction of participation in the social capital of legal persons;
  •         Foreign trade operations.

The means of payment contemplated are:

  •         Bank deposits;
  •         Wire transfers;
  •         Transfer of funds;
  •         Payment orders;
  •         Debit cards dispatched in the country;
  •         Credit cards;
  •         Checks;
  •         Remittances;
  •         Credit letters.
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