20 diciembre 2017

Two years following its implementation, the Ministry of Public Health of the Dominican Republic confirmed that the number of plan beneficiaries totals almost 18,000 people. The director of the High Cost Medication Program, Gisselle Vásquez, emphasized the health care advance that this represents and how clearly it helps decrease mortality.

The measure that is already in effect provides financial assistance to families whose members are suffering from some sort of illness or who are involved in various types of therapy that must be accompanied by some of the costlier drugs. Many groups of people find themselves forced to sell their own assets in order to meet the costs of the medications they need, which is the reason this system seeks to put an end to these cases and cover expenses for those who are unable to pay the minimum required amount.

Vásquez indicated that the plan includes diseases such as cancer, hepatitis C, inflammatory disorders, renal conditions, transplants, intestinal problems, or hematological or hemato-oncologic conditions. In turn, costs associated with disorders related to endocrinology, neurology, immunology, pulmonary hypertension, or dermatology are also included in this program.

Lastly, it should be noted that the provision of prescriptions, as well as individualized patient health care and the administration, dispensation, and application of the drugs in question, are carried out through the National Health Service.