III Congress of American Parliaments’ Health commissions
13 diciembre 2017


Labelling. The World Health Organization  (WHO) and the Chilean Senate held the III Congress of American Parliaments’ Health commissions, which took place in Chile between November 27th and 29th in Chile.

During the gathering, health officials, legislators and other health specialists defined topics and priorities towards a regional legislative agenda and debated health issues related to food labelling as well as the human right to food and a basic basket of nutritious food.

Our report on this event is available at this link.

Next steps

The fourth edition of this event should take place during the coming year, though the time and place have not been determined yet. The aim is to share the advances in sanitary legislation and the experiences achieved, so as to reach compatible regional agreements.

Towards the end of the meeting the attendees set the main topics and priorities for the regional legislative agenda, but work on these subjects may be affected due the low level of engagement at the event.