PAY. Medication bid for oncology treatments to be launched
9 noviembre 2017

The Institute for Social Welfare (Instituto de Previsión Social or IPS), the agency that covers treatment for 5,000 patients diagnosed with cancer, does not have 10 of the 67 oncology medications indicated by physicians. In some cases, the IPS began discovering the lack of stock in September, while in other cases the discoveries were made in October.

The authorities affirmed that the bidding process will be open from November 11-14. It is estimated that by approximately November 17th, the agency will have awarded the bid to the company that will supply medications to the agency. Finally, these oncology medications will once again be able to be provided by between November 20th and 25th.

The IPS states that many of the insured who have terminal conditions cannot continue entirely with their treatment due to the lack of some pill or injection containing the substance needed, since while the medication is supplied, the patient may need another one to increase defenses, for example.

Armando Rodríguez, an IPS official, reported that each dose of the missing medications has an estimated cost of between 5 and 20 million Guaranís, (between US$ 884.26 and US$ 3,537.00, respectively).

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