DOM. REP. National social security council expands coverage for medications
25 octubre 2017

The entity’s general manager, José Rafael Pérez Modesto, released information on the measure extending assistance to patients with catastrophic illnesses, which adds 27 new medications to the list of high-cost oncologic treatments provided. It also includes other drugs, such as those aimed at fighting hemodialysis and kidney transplants, and adds 44 procedures to the Directory of Benefits under the Family Health Insurance (Seguro Familiar de Salud or SFS) program within the Contributory System.

The Office of the Ombudsman and its head, Zoila Martínez Guante, were involved in the measure and requested compliance with this new regulation by the multiple agencies within the Dominican Social Security System. It should be noted that the main impetus for the decision stemmed from complaints made by citizens and their family members based on not being able to pay for the medications needed to treat their conditions.

The patients maintain that the Health Risk Administrators (Administradoras de Riesgos de Salud or ARS) are always looking for ways to avoid paying for the highest priced prescriptions, rendering the patients powerless and worsening their conditions and discomfort. The decision aims to end this situation by benefiting individuals who lack the funds to purchase the more expensive medications.