ECU. International Forum on the right to access medications
25 octubre 2017

The Ministry of Public Health, the South American Institute of Health Government (Instituto Suramericano de Gobierno en Salud or Isags), and the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) held a meeting on October 13th, together with representatives from Chile, Colombia, and Argentina, to discuss various topics related to the judicialization of health and equitable access to medications and other health technologies.

During the meeting, the Ministry of Public Health stated: “the phenomenon of judicialization and increased demand is a dilemma that has been growing exponentially, and it represents a high potential for negative interference in the field of health care services management as long as the judicial realm can mandate the provision of medications with low therapeutic and high financial impact, for which reason it has not been included in the operational and financial forecasts technically created by health care managers.”

In attendance at the meeting were Verónica Espinosa, Minister of Public Health; Augusto Barrera, Secretary of Higher Education, Science and Technology; Gustavo Jalkh, president of the Judiciary Council; Ramiro Rivadeneira, Ombudsman; Ernesto Pazmiño, General Public Advocate of Ecuador; William Garzón, president of the National Assembly’s Health Rights Committee; Eduardo Álvarez Reyes, Chief of the Chilean Legal Division of the Ministry of Health; Juan Fernando Romero, representative of the Ministry of Public Health of Colombia; Luis Alfredo Juez, ambassador for Argentina; Yuri Chillán, Unasur Cabinet Chief, and Gina Tambini, representative of the PAHO in Ecuador.