Piñera seeks to reform the health system and decrease the cost of medications in Chile
11 octubre 2017

The Chile Vamos presidential candidate announced his proposals to improve the health sector. The former head of state indicated the need for extensive reform to alleviate the excessive cost of medications and reduce the endless waiting lists – generating greater competition and avoiding delays in care.

Piñera seeks to decrease the price of medications, not just by promoting the intervention of more actors within the sector, but also by supporting the inclusion of generic and bioequivalent alternatives. His intention is to create a web portal for consumers to be able to compare prices and establish a direct channel for public purchasing, which will allow the funds earmarked for this purpose to be reduced.

The long periods that people must wait to use the health service will be sought to be remedied through a Unified Patient Registry for waitlist patients, prioritizing older adults and putting into practice a better management model. Ultimately, it is crucial to make better use of the available resources: medical personnel and equipment, technology, and surgical wards in hospitals.

Changing the care model and primary health care centers are among his other plans for the sector, through the creation of a specific career path for general physicians and other units for certain specialties. Strengthening the role of the health sector as part of the Ministry of Health, launching a national online emergency and rescue network, as well as ending discrimination through a “Universal Health Plan” are other aspects that Piñera and his team will take into account.

Lastly, a final objective prioritizing healthy lifestyles and avoiding diseases caused by alcohol, tobacco, or drugs must be emphasized. This framework will include an Oral Health Plan and the expansion of treatment for assisted reproduction, finalizing the government health plan which Chile Vamos will implement if the party wins the elections slated to be held on November 19th (which appears to be likely to happen).