PAR. Gluten-free medication labels to be approved before november
11 octubre 2017

The Senate held a public hearing convened by the Industry Commission on the measure amending Law 3109/06 “which adopts the international “gluten-free” symbol for food products.” The object of the legislation will also include medications manufactured in gluten-free environments.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the Paraguayan Association of Customers and Consumers (Asociación de Usuarios y Consumidores del Paraguay or ASUCOP), and the National Institute of Technology and Standardization (Instituto Nacional de Tecnología, Normalización y Metrología or INTN).

Content of the regulation

Governing party senator Mirta Gusinky (Partido Colorado) stated that the law in effect is incomplete and inaccurate in terms of its application and the measures to access gluten-free products, which, in her view, makes it a public health problem. To this end, she indicated that the bill of law presents several amendments in various articles that seek to tighten the jurisdictional aspects of the legal text.

Article 2 of the measure states that the symbol should be clearly and legibly printed on the containers, packaging, or labels of food, health products, and products for human consumption that do not contain gluten, oats, barley, or rye in their chemical formulation, indicating that they are suitable for consumption by individuals with celiac disease. The regulation in effect only states that the law is applicable to food products.

In turn, the proposal establishes that claims and reports of non-compliance with the law will be received by the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, and the Registry of Consumer and Customer Protection, according to their jurisdiction.


The Director of the Industrial Commission, Lourdes López, reported that this bill of law is set to expire on November 2nd, and that the current law should be reviewed and agreed upon the Senate Legislative, Treasury, Public Health, and Administrative Committees during the month of October.

“The bill introduced by several deputies already has the approval of the Chamber of Deputies and has been in the Senate since August 7th, and we want to hear from all the institutions that are involved in this important bill,” emphasized Gusinky