BOL.The government secures free medication for 8 diseases
11 octubre 2017

The National Director of Health, Rodolfo Rocabado, reported that diagnosis, treatment, and medication for malaria, renal insufficiency, tuberculosis, human rabies, Chagas, leishmaniasis, HIV/AIDS, and influenza are free for Bolivians who do not have health insurance. Each year the state invests an average of Bs 76.5 million for coverage.

The official stated that the government has had programs in place since 2006 to provide free treatment for some chronic diseases, such as Chagas, malaria, and tuberculosis, among others. These programs are overseen by the Ministry of Health.

He also described the major impact of tuberculosis in the country: there are 7,778 cases of the disease for which the Ministry provides free treatment. In 2016, Bs 5.6 million were allocated to this group and Bs 156 million were invested in the early diagnosis and treatment of malaria for 12,500 families.