President Santos voices concerns against new fertility bill
28 julio 2017

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has voiced his concerns about the new fertility bill passed by Congress for its possible consequences on health care costs. Congress will insist on the bill’s enactment. According to the Colombian Constitution, Santos says, laws that entail changes to the budget should be approved by the executive branch, which forced him to object to the new “Sara Bill” requiring the public health system to cover the costs of assisted reproduction technology or reproductive therapies.

 The Ministry of Treasury warns this addition to the health plan would cost the system 13 billion Colombian pesos  (U$S4,300 million). “Legislators failed to establish the source of additional funding for the fertility treatments, which risks health care services for the entire population in the public health system, around 4 million people, because the existing funds are needed to provide health treatments included in basic health care already,” sources say.

However, representative from Partido de la U (ruling party) and author of the initiative, Martha Villalba, claims the fertility bill is essential for people’s health and argues people with fertility issues suffer from psychological consequences that cannot be ignored by the State. Following up on her claims, she pointed out that COngress will insist on the bill’s enactment through the Constitutional Court.

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