Argentina lays the groundwork for new Prescription Drug Bill
28 julio 2017

Health Minister Jorge Lemus took part in a debate at the National Academy of Medicine which set out to lay the groundwork for the new Prescription Drug Bill. Also present at the debate were representatives from the executive and legislative branches of government, national and international pharmaceutical companies and medical asociations. The debate will cover research and development, manufacturing, distribution and prescription, among other issues.

During his contribution, Mr. Lemus referred to the responsabilities of the Argentine State in the national and international spheres, due to the “relevance of the issue of prescription drugs in public health around the world.” Lemus also announced that authorities from the Ministry of Health have been meeting authorities from other areas of government, representatives from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), World Health Organization (WHO) and members of G20 over the last six months.

Law no. 16,463 —enacted in 1964 and in force since the same year— regulates import, export, production, manufacture, commercialization or storage of medication, drugs, chemical products, reagents, pharmaceutical formulations, elements of diagnosis and any other product used and applied in human medicine.

The debate included contributions by the head of the Food, Drug and Medical Technology Administration (ANMAT) Carlos Chiale, who briefly recounted the relevant amendments and changes applied to Law no. 16,463 since its enactment; and  members of Medeos Group from the Forum for Scientific Development, Daniel Alvarado and Rubén Iannantuono, who reported on the medication supply process and proposed changes to the new prescription drug bill.

Participants of the debate at the National Academy of Medicine include members of the Commission of Social Action and Health from the Lower House and from the Commission of Health from the Senate; members of the National Academy of Pharmacy and Biochemistry (COMRA), the Argentine Confederation of Pharmaceuticals (COFA), the Medical Confederation of Argentina (COMRA); the Medical Federation of Capital Federal (FEMECA); Medical Federation of the Province of Buenos Aires (FEMEBA); Argentine Medical Asociation (AMA); and the Research Center for the Development of the Chemical-Pharmaceutical Industry of Argentina (CEDIQUIFA).

Also, members of the Argentine Chamber of Medical Specialties (CAEME), Industrial Chamber of Argentine Pharmaceutical Laboratories (CILFA); Corporate Chamber of Pharmaceutical Laboratories (COOPERALA); Argentine Chamber of Manufacturers of Non Prescription Medicine (CAPEMVel); Argentine Chamber of Manufacturers of Generic Medication for Hospitals; Argentine Chamber of Clinical Research Organizations (CAOIC); and the Argentine Federation of Chamber of Pharmacies (FACAF).

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